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Wearing French Maid Uniform and Service to Mistress

Dressing up in a French maid uniform is probably the number one fantasy or fetish of a sissy or cross dresser. The cute frilly dress with cap and apron is one of the most sensual service attire a sissy sub could wear, topping it off with stocking, garter and heels.

Oh, yes it’s a very hot number to dress up in, but do you know the service required behind it?                                                                                                                                                      Read More

Cross Dressing and The Urge Behind It

It was only a few decades ago when I was conducting real time sessions, a segment of my clients were cross dressers. That was the general term of the day to describe straight men who love to dress up in women’s clothing.

These men came to me as a safe haven to be able to dress in frilly panty, wear makeup, pumps and a wig. These men were married and owned businesses.                                                                                                                             Read More


Are You a Stocking and Garter Sissy or a Pantyhose Sissy?

Are you a stocking and garter sissy or a pantyhose sissy?

Which type of hosiery appeal to you? When you’re wearing your preferred nylon, how does it make you feel? I will share my personal experience wearing both types of nylon. I love wearing stocking and garter because it enhances how I feel sensually.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Read More