Wearing French Maid Uniform and Service to Mistress

french_maid_uniformDressing up in a French maid uniform is probably the number one fantasy or fetish of a sissy or cross dresser. The cute frilly dress with cap and apron is one of the most sensual service attire a sissy sub could wear, topping it off with stocking, garter and heels.

Oh, yes it’s a very hot number to dress up in, but do you know the service required behind it? It is definitely more to it than prancing around admiring and preening at yourself in a mirror.

I’m speaking directly to solitude sissies who haven’t come out in the open.

Imagine the feeling you get serving your Mistress her tea, her meals or preparing her bath. Regardless of how wearing this sexy uniform makes you feel, you must be reminded of the role you play wearing it.

You are essentially a servant, a servant to your Mistress. You serve at her pleasure not yours.

The attitude you embody should be one of privilege and gratitude when she allows you up close and personal service to her. You must understand her needs and wants and how to fulfill them. It might be something as small as knowing how to make her favorite herbal tea and how to serve it.

What Are Your Duties as a French Maid to Your Mistress?

What skills are needed to serve with exquisite precision and panache?

  1. You need to know how to cook and prepare Mistress favorite meals.
  2. You must have the skill of a seamstress. Mistress wardrobe requires detailed care and upkeep.
  3. Knowing how to clean at the specification of your Mistress is paramount to your service to her.
  4. Ultimate obedience: Staying in Mistress good graces and doing what you’re told with efficiency and dispatch, will go a long way in keeping you around.
  5. Attitude: Gracious humility and respect should be shown when you are in the presence of your Mistress.
  6. Discretion and Confidentiality: If you can’t be trusted with your Mistress secrets, then you are worthless to have around.

As you can see, as light as the French Maid Uniform is in itself, you must be mindful of the weight it carries with its responsibilities by putting it on.

Do you own a French Maid Uniform and a desire to serve?

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